Why Use Filters On Professional Photos?

It’s not a secret that professional photos look much better than amateur ones. The differences are many times minor, but the effect on the viewer is much stronger. This is due to the larger sensors of professional cameras, but also to high quality lenses and to using filters on professional photos. There are two types of filters, physical ones that get applied on the camera, in front of the lens, and virtual ones that get applied in post-processing software programs such as Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. They both contribute to improving the look of the images, while also helping the artist to transmit the right emotions and moods to the audience.

Neutral density and CPL filters are the only ones that can’t be added in post-production. They can be extremely useful in a series of situations, mainly when it comes to landscape photography. CPL filters, for instance, polarize the light, creating the beautiful dark blue skies you may have already noticed in professional landscape photography. This filter is also useful for reducing light reflections on shiny surfaces such as still waters and mirrors. This improves the quality and the sharpness of the image, making the colors brighter and more vivid. In order to obtain the maximum light polarization effect, you have to shoot at a 90 degrees angle from the sun. As it is hard to measure angles while roaming over hills and valleys, you should use the live view function on your camera to detect the position in which the filter has the maximum effect.

Natural Density Filters

Neutral density filters are also impossible to replicate in Photoshop. They allow the photographer to use long exposure times during day time. When shooting a waterfall or a river with ND filters, for instance, the water appears velvety and soft like silk, creating a fairy tale-like atmosphere. You can use these filters for removing people in photos of major tourist attractions. In such places, it might be impossible to find a moment when no other people are around, so ND filters can be real life savers. However, you need to take into consideration that using ND filters calls for a tripod. You can’t shoot handheld, as the exposure time is way too long for you to stay still, so your images are going to be blurry.

Gradual Filters

Gradual filters are extremely useful for sunset and sunrise landscape images. They can create impressive skies, full of color and life, without affecting the bottom part of the image. Some photographers prefer physical gradual filters and a holder to attach them to their lenses, while others choose to apply them in the image post-processing stage. If you’ve noticed these sunset images in professional photo exhibitions and magazines, you won’t ever ask yourself why use filters on professional photos. Their effect is obvious in the impact these images have on the viewers.

As you can see, various filters have various uses. Professional photographers know very well what to use and when, in order to create the effect they want and make people buy their photos to showcase them in their homes. The main reason for using filters on professional photos is to make the images better and to communicate various emotions and moods. Learning how to choose and how to apply such filters is a must for any professional photographer who wants to be successful. Sometimes, a simple filter can make the difference between a dull photo and a gorgeous one. Such accessories may not be cheap, but they are surely useful. Learning when and where to use them can help you take your art to the next level.

The Latest Wedding Photography Trends

If you’re planning on getting married soon, you’ll want to learn a little bit more about current wedding photography trends. You’ll see a lot more than standard-looking photos if you look at a wedding photographer’s portfolio. Today’s photographers are snapping all kinds of wedding shots including:

High-Fashion Wedding Photos

Many brides love looking at fashion magazines and the beautiful editorial photos that can be found within them. Now, more photographers are trying to create wedding photos with the same distinct style.

People wear top-quality clothing on their wedding day. It makes sense to photograph those people like they were appearing in a fashion magazine. These photos can be incredibly distinctive, and they can look amazing when they are hung up on a wall. If you love photo editorial, look for a photographer that is capable of taking those kinds of photos.

A Film Photography Resurgence

Digital cameras are incredibly convenient to work with. With that said, film photography is poised to make a comeback. There are new portable printers that allow photographers to print out film photos right on the spot. There are also plenty of top-quality film cameras on the market right now.

Film photography has its own unique quality. Digital photos can look absolutely amazing, but they don’t look quite like film does. A lot of couples want to have at least a few film photos taken at their wedding. Many photographers are now shooting with more than one camera.

Journalistic-Style Wedding Photos

Sometimes, the best ways to capture memories aren’t with poised, smiling photos. Instead, photos that are shot in a journalistic style can more accurately capture the overall mood of an event. When you look at the pictures, you won’t just see who was at your wedding. You’ll be able to see how they were feeling.

Some of the most famous photographers in the entire world primarily shoot journalistic style photos. It’s only natural that wedding photographers would want to imitate that style. If you look through portfolios, you’ll see quite a few pictures that mimic a journalistic style. It’s clear that that particular style is on the rise. This is one of the hottest wedding photography trends of the last few years.

Candid Wedding Photos

While photographers will line up the members of your bridal party and shoot pictures of everyone, most photographers won’t stop shooting your wedding at that point. They’ll continue to snap a number of candid photos of your event.

When a photographer takes candid photos, you’ll be able to see moments from your wedding you might have missed otherwise. You might have a chance to see your grandmother dancing with her great-grandchild. You might be able to see a table full of your family and friends as they laugh and have fun together.

Heavily Edited Wedding Photos

Editing software allows photographers to dramatically alter the photos that they take. A lot of wedding photographers are transforming otherwise ordinary photos into something extraordinary.

Editing allows a photographer to customize photos to better suit the personality of the couple. If a photographer uses only a camera, they’re going to be limited by their surroundings. With the right tools, they can transport a wedding to anywhere in the world. They can even make a wedding look like something out of a movie or a fairy tale.

Not all wedding photos have to look the same. Wedding photos are a lot more diverse and interesting than they once were. As you research potential wedding photographers, we hope you reach out to the team at Barbara Witherite.  No matter who you reach out to, you should look closely at some of the weddings they have shot to make sure their style is a match to what you want.